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Foundation Partners

The Foundation of Possibilities has partnership opportunities available. There are many ways to join us, and we'd be interested in hearing what interests you in order to ensure that your partnership experience is positive and meaningful to you.

Volunteering – Individual Opportunities and Corporate Opportunities

We offer experiences that span the spectrum, from leadership opportunities on our Board of Directors to helping plan logistics for our events. We also work with other organizations to fulfill our mission, and if an opportunity with a partnering organization is the best fit for your personal desires and goals, we are happy to connect you with the volunteer experience that is best fit for you.

We encourage you to contact us to help customize your volunteer experience.

Corporate Partnership/Sponsorship Opportunities

We are happy to share that we have a 'different' approach to corporate partnerships. While we are certainly happy to offer a company visibility at an event that we are doing in the community by way of logo placement on collateral and banner displays, we prefer to partner in a more 'customized way' of doing business. This helps to ensure that a company's goals and objectives can be met while helping the Foundation of Possibilities to deliver on mission assets that benefit all parties, including the demographics we serve. Contact us so that we can meet with you and other decision makers at your company, which will allow us to get to know each other and identify priority areas for both of us. The Foundation will then be able to leave that meeting having important questions answered that will allow us to customize a partnership that is mutually beneficial. We can then meet a second time to present a partnership that achieves important company goals and initiatives while supporting our important mission.

Highlighting Corporate Efforts

We love to hear about what companies are currently doing that help to level the playing field for every child, giving them the resources and opportunity to achieve 'their best life' regardless of family income level, home environment, or social status.

If your company has an internal initiative in place, or recently completed one that has changed lives, please share that with us. Nominate a company or individual who has made an impact on the life of another and we'll feature them as a 'DOER' on our website and send them a special certificate.