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Meet Sarah…

The Foundation of Possibilities was introduced to Sarah’s family through the Pastor of their church, who was aware of the organization and its mission to level the playing field for every child, giving them the resources and opportunities to achieve their best life.

Sarah’s mom was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and has been unable to work due to various surgeries and illnesses that resulted from her diagnosis. Sara’s dad worked for the state of Connecticut and was laid off several years ago because of state budget cuts. He then secured a job in a restaurant so that he could support his family (Sarah has an older sister and an older brother). The restaurant income was not quite enough, so they also received support from the local food bank, as well as their church. Then Covid19 happened and he lost his restaurant job.

Through various ups and downs, the children and their parents have also been supported by the Foundation of Possibilities, which began when Sarah (now 7) started pre-school. Her pre-school year was funded by our Foundation (thanks to our donors) and has been an especially important part of her socialization and educational background. The Foundation also provided computers to Sarah’s brother and sister when they were in middle school and high school. Prior to having computers, the siblings would have to sign up for a time slot to use the computers at their school or town library, which offered 30-minute slots in the evenings. It was hard for their mother and father to get them to and from the library, which was a daily event. They really needed devices that would allow them to do their schoolwork at home, and we were happy to make that happen.

The Foundation has also provided family meals, clothing, and gift cards for the local grocery store to supplement what they get at the food bank and thrift stores. At Christmas time we provide gifts and food as well.

This is possible thanks to the generosity of our donors, and that includes you! We support many other families throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts and have even supported families as far away as Florida. We work through referrals from nonprofit organizations who know of families in need. Thank you so much for believing in our mission! We are grateful for your support!

Meet Noah and his big brother, Kahlil…

For years, brothers Noah and Kahil were living separately, in and out of different foster homes. They have two other brothers as well who were also in and out of different foster homes. Through those years, their grandmother was going through the court process to obtain guardianship of the four siblings, which is often times a very long process.

Eventually, their grandmother was granted guardianship and her four grandchildren now live with her. While it is a great thing for the family to be reunited, there are significant financial challenges that the family faces. It was important for their grandmother to have her grandchildren, even though she lives well below the poverty level. She does not have a vehicle and does not have the income necessary for the food and clothing that four children, especially boys, require. She does not have the resources to buy them any luxuries that so many kids today have. Her home is small, requiring the four siblings to all share a room. They are okay with that. They are very happy to get the basic needs met, and often times, that comes by way of charity support with donated clothing and food.

The Foundation of Possibilities was thrilled to have the opportunity to pay for 4 weeks of summer camp at Grace Place for Noah and Kahlil. Pictured above on their first day, Noah said, “camp is my most favorite place ever!” At Grace Place, they have the opportunity to take part in so many fun things, including field trips with their fellow campers.

It is thanks to the generosity of our donors that Noah and Kahlil are experiencing new things this summer. And we are looking forward to continuing to support this family as these four siblings grow up. So, thank YOU to our donors for your support! We are making an immediate impact with your gift and that is why we exist – to level the playing field for every child, giving them the resources and opportunities to live “their best life” regardless of family income level, home environment, or social status.

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